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Basic Info

Name of castle: La Iruela
Location: Jaen
Country: Spain

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The castle of La Iruela is one of the most interesting fortresses of Arab origin in the Kingdom of Jaen, and with its picturesque beauty it is one of the most romantic castles in romantic Andalucia. It is located near Cazorla, in the foothills of the mountain range bearing the same name.

A number of battles were fought here during the Reconquest until Don Rodrigo Jimenez de Rada, archbishop of Toledo, reconquered it in 1231 and made it the seat of his archbishopric.

Its primitive structure is relatively intact. The principal defenses consist of a crumbling principal tower and two separate enclosures, with some of its battlements still intact, connected by a long curtain wall. These walls also protected the monastery, whose remains are still visible nearby.

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