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Basic Info

Name: Loarre Castle
Location: Loarre (Huesca)
Country: Spain

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Sancho Ramirez, king of Aragon, founded a monastery of regular canons at Swat Augustine in Loarre The foundation was sanctioned by Pope Alexander II in 1071, although construction of the building had commenced before that time The church has a single nave, divided into two bays and extended by a semicircular apse of almost equal width.

The first bay is cut obliquely by the outer wall of the Castle. T'he second bay, in the center of the church, is a full square covered with a cupola The apse, of course, is covered by a quarter sphere. Because of a sudden drop in the terrain, a crypt was built below the apse The crypt is a simple semicircular room with a robust blind arcade One enters it from the middle of a staircase using from the castle entrance below the church The entrance to the staircase and therefore to the entire complex, is an attractive Romanesque portal with elbowed columns and a checked archivolt with a mutilated inscription reading Aedes-Has-Municass-Invistas (Preserve inviolate These Houses 1103“) On our modem calendar that year would be equivalent to 1065 The portal and the crypt must be older than the church, although the form of tile crypt pre figures the structure which must have grown direct the same concept The decorative elements of this and the crypt clearly derive from the art of Jaca.

Visitor Accounts

Jose L Sebastian, 39, from Spain wrote:
It's a middle-age (XII century) castle very well preserved It's typically defensive point in the limit with de Muslim kingdom and looks like the Christian castle in the middle east (ej. Lebanon)
Juan from Spain sent us this two photos.
It is a Romanesque castle dated XI century.

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