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Basic Info

Name: Montealegre
Location: Valladolid
Country: Spain

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Montealegre formed part of the Leonese defensive line in the twelfth century. Its isolation and its bare, horizontal structure give it the impression of a great fortress.

It has a trapezoidal plan with square towers at the corners and smaller round ones on the walls. The low principal tower is pentagonal. One enters the court of arms through a door with a pointed arch defended by a machicolated gallery above. The building dates to the fourteenth century when the Mediterranean fortification type-small and rectangular with walkways along the battlements, few towers, with the principal one barely differentiated from the rest-began to replace the Romanesque type characterized by a powerful principal tower and a relatively unimportant walled precinct.

The fortress passed through the hands of a number of Castilian families including the Meneses and the Rojas Guzmans, who in 1626 were each granted the title of marquis of Montealegre.

The exterior structure is in a good state of preservation.

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