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Basic Info

Name: Montealegre
Location: Valladolid
Country: Spain

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Montemayor del Rio was the seat of a lordship, as mentioned in thirteenth-century chronicles. Since its origin, the fortress, on the top of a mountain surrounded by valleys and mountain ranges, seems to have formed a defense against warlike neighbors.

It consists of two enclosures and four towers, including a principal tower of large dimensions. It retains parts of its battlements as well as the main portal, which opens between two short, round towers and originally must have been preceded by a ditch. The entire construction seems to date from before the fifteenth century, given its overall sobriety and the character of its masonry.

Montemayor belonged originally to Alfonso X, who later transferred ownership to his son Don Pedro. Ultimately it became the property of the marquis of Castromonte.

Visitor Accounts

Jaime Cervera, 33, from Spain, wrote:
The castle of Montemayor is not in the province of Valladolid, it's in the South of the province of Salamanca, near the town of Bejar, just behind the mountains of the “Sierra de Gredos”. The castle, after been acquired by the town of Montemayor del Rio, is in a process of reconstruction of the originals walls and towers. All the tress surrounding it, that can be seen in the photographs, have now disappeared. Not far from this castle you can visit others in Bejar, Puente del Congosto (with a beautiful medieval bridge), Barco de Ávila, … and the beautiful medieval towns of Candelario and Hervas.

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