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Basic Info

Name: Nogales
Location: Badajoz
Country: Spain

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The castles of Nogales, Feria, and Zafra (the latter an elegant castle-palace with a remarkable Renaissance courtyard built of marble from Estremoz) formed a defensive system owned by the powerful Suarez family of Figueroa.

Nogales is one of those castles composed of a single large tower surrounded by a ring of defenses, in this case a square enclosure with round towers at the corners. The main tower is much taller. than the outer walls, giving an impression of haughty pride. The castle had a ditch around it and a drawbridge that reached the door, which today opens high up on the wall like a large window.

The entire structure is built of fine masonry, and along both the outer wall and the main tower there runs an elegant string of protruding corbels under the battlements.

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