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Name: Mombeltran
Location: Avila
Country: Spain

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In this beautiful place at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos, where the fortresses of the constables of Castile once stood. favorite of Henry IV and knighted by him with the title duke of Albuquerque.

The castle was built to 1461 and its tall, defiant exterior is still intact. It is, to some extent, a castle-palace and must once have had luxurious rooms inside.

It is surrounded by an outer wall with powerful sloping batters, testimony to the advances in military hardware especially artillery The castle itself is pentagonal in plan with large cylindrical corner towers crowned by a machicolated gallery and battlements. There is no real principal tower, but one slightly enlarged tower serves the purpose
II is one of Spain s finest fortresses of the later Gothic period, and it reveals Italian influences

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