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-====== Penafiel ====== ​ 
-==== Basic Info ==== 
-Name: Penafiel\\ 
-Location: Penafiel, Valladolid, Provence\\ 
-Country: Spain\\ 
-==== Content ==== 
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-Penafiel is one of the most important fortresses of medieval Castile The ridge between the Duero and the Duraton rivers must have always been fortified. Count Sancho Garcia conquered the site in the eleventh century, and later AIfonso X left it to his brother, Don Juan Manuel, who undertook important constructions in 1307. The principal tower was rebuilt during the reign of John II. The present structures date mostly from the fifteenth century. 
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-Its irregular plan follows the long, narrow ridge on which it sits The main walls are very thick and are reinforced by a variety of circular and rectangular towers. A second, lower wall encloses the larger one. The gate is set obliquely into the eastern wall and is defended by two cylindrical towers. From the outer gate one reaches the entrance to the main enclosure by a transverse wall with its own ditch. Federico Bordeje has called this inner gate one of the most perfect in the history of military architecture 
-The principal tower dominates the ensemble, and its rectangular form nearly crosses the entire enclosure. Its silhouette is animated by small turrets ​ at the comers and the center of the walls. 
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-==== Visitor Accounts ==== 
-**Javier, 18, from Catalonia, Spain, wrote:**\\ 
-The name of Peñafiel was created by the union of Penna & Fidele. In this village an important Spanish writer of s.XIV Infante Don Juan Manuel and in the castle lived Alfonso X king of Spain. This village have the best wine of Spain in D.O Ribera del Duero.\\ 
-**Anne Halliwell, 21, from Liverpool, UK. Wrote,**\\ 
-Wonderful castle, lots of interesting things to see inside. Nice tour of the inside with lots of interesting information. ​ The walls are complete with restoration on the inside. You are not allowed to wander alone, but in a guided tour.  English speaking guides if there are enough people to warrant it.  Not very busy.  Loved it.\\ 
-**Saieed Hasnoo, 10, from NY, wrote:**\\ 
-the Penafiel castle is really amazing don't you think? Once I visited Spain to visit my uncle and we got a georges view of the interior. This adds to my website project in Thinkquest!!!\\ 
-**Ismael Barba, 29, from Spain, wrote:**\\ 
- ​Penafiel (better "​Peñafiel",​ if your browser can write the "​ñ"​) means "Loyal Rock", and obtained this title because of its loyalty to the kings of Castile. BTW, since one month ago, it lodges a Museum of Wine (Peñafiel is the capital of the wine producing region of "​Ribera de Duero"​).\\ 
-**Dominic A. Covey, 24, from USA, wrote:**\\ 
- ​I'​ve read somewhere that Penafiel earned the nickname of "The Boat" or "The Ark" because it's elongated construction reminded visitors of a beached ship atop the mountain it was built on - just like Noah's Ark.  Interesting,​ huh?\\ 
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