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Basic Info

Name: Trujillo
Location: Caceres
Country: Spain


The Cerro de Cabeza de Toro, or Bull's Head Ridge, was originally the site of a Roman fortification, converted during the Islamic era into an alcazar and later rebuilt by Christian conquerors. The result is a group of walls with both round and square towers.
The fortress may have formed part of the great walled precinct that defended the city and was attached to the northeast wall. One passes through a gate into the central area of the alcazaba, which has a court of arms and a pair of towers. The towers there are taller than the remaining towers in the castle and may have served as lookouts. To the east are the remains of the alcazar with its two marvelous cisterns, one of which has two barrel-vaulted aisles like the one in the Alcazaba de Granada.
The castle was temporarily conquered by Alfonso VIII, and later endured seven consecutive assaults by the Moors and Christians until in 1223 it fell permanently into Castilian hands and became the property of the military orders. In the fifteenth century, Trujillo fought on the side of La Beltraneja, and it was here that the treaty ending those disturbances was signed.

Visitor Accounts

Susan Sweeney, 35, from Texas, USA, wrote:
The thing that I found most intriguing about Trujillo (after its role in the affairs of Queen Isabella, particularly the early courtship with the Portuguese King where the city/castle were used as glue to entice him into the relationship) was the chapel to be found in the turret. The Virgin of Trujillo spends her days gazing out the window over the town below and her back is to the worshipers in the chapel. However, you may place a coin in the wall and she will turn and face inward for a few moments during which your prayers may be offered to her face. Of my experiences regarding castles in Spain and elsewhere, this was unique. The famous tree in the courtyard is spectacular as you enter as well. It is framed perfectly by the Moorish archway and makes a lovely photograph if you can get it.

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