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Finspang Castle
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Finspang Castle

Basic Info

Name : Finspang Castle
Location : Norrköping in the province Östergötland.
Country : Sweden

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The Castle was built in Dutch style by Louis De Geer on a spit of land in a river, Finspångsån. It is one of Sweden's most interesting castles and a typical country castle from the Carolingian period. The wings were added in 1742. The castle is owned by ABB and is not open to the public. The Castle park was laid out in several stages between 1690 and 1820 and offers pleasant walks with a fine view over the whole surroundings. The park contains the Aurora.

Temple from 1780 as well as Lugnet, a summer house from 1820. The Iron Temple and the bridges over the many streams in the park are of cast iron and were built by the local factory in the 1850's. Guided tours of the castle park are arranged during the summer.

The Orangerie was built in 1832. On its northern side are two murals by Pehr Berggren. The paintings are copies of works by the Italian artist Guido Reni, the building is used as a company office. The Castle Chapel was built when the De Geer family and other influential Wallons were attracted to the Reformist faith. Its present appearance datesfrom 1890 when the company manager Carl Ekman modernized it. The Castle Chapel is open to visitors on Sundays when divine services are held. The writer K. G. Hildebrand has called it “The Drottningholm of Industrial Landscapes”.

If you visit Finspong, be sure to visit the St'Mary church from the 12'th century.
It has guided tours in the summertime.

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