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Orebro Castle
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Orebro Castle

Basic Info

Name: Orebro Castle
Location: Örebro,(province:Närke).(about 150km west of Stockholm).
Country: Sweden

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When the first castle of Örebro was built, no one knows. The first building on the grounds is medieval. The first real castle is probably built around 1300 by one of the first swedish kings: Magnus Eriksson. Since that time, the castle have been residence for many Swedish royalties. The last one to live there was Jean Baptiste Bernadotte (King Karl (XIV) Johan), the first ancestor of the current king of Sweden. The castle have been rebuilt many times to fit the current situation. It have been used as a Castle (where kings lived), a fort, a prison among others Of course it has it's share of ghosts too…

Visitor Accounts

Mary Geier, from Chicago, IL, USA, wrote:
I was in Orebro castle in 1999 and also 1997. It was a great experience to see something that old and imagine the many people and royalty that have entered those doors over so many many years. An Awesome site.

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