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Tjoloholm Castle
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Tjoloholm Castle

Basic Info

Name: Tjolöholm Castle
Country: Sweden

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Built around 1900. It's equipped with the latest in technology for that time including showers etc. The castle is (I think) open to the public.

Visitor Accounts

Per Sandberg, 32, from Kungsabacka.Halland.westcoast sweden, wrote:
Tjoloholm is a beautiful Castle witch was built by a Swedish businessman J F Dicksson in the in the beginning of the last century. It is open to public in guided tours but the castle park is public area and always open. You can also take a swim in the ocean right by the castle. Tjoloholm is owned by the Kungsbacka community and its web adress is unfortunately only in Swedish if you want English info mail
Leif Johansen, 55, from Sweden, wrote:
I have seen many Castles in Sweden, Tjoloholm is the only in Tudor style. Planning to visit Germany to see some of their castles live instead locking at the computer screen.

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