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Krak de Chevalier
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Krak de Chevalier

Basic Info

Name: Krak des Chevallier
Country: Syria

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Visitor Accounts

Michel Akras, 28, from Syria, wrote:
The Krak Des Chevaliers is the best preserved castle in Syria. It is in a valley called “Wadii Nasara” which is a well known valley that has preserved its Christian origins.
Tom Davies, 31, from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, wrote:
This is one of the greatest castles from the crusader era. The castle is in excellent condition, since it was never taken by force. The Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller resided here and headquartered the order from there for many years. The castle was designed to hold a garrison of 2000 men, so you can imagine the scale of the structure. One can even see architectural influence from the later Arab inhabitants. The fortifications are most impressive, with inner and outer walls. The castle's command of the surrounding valleys is incredible. The view is breath-taking. From the top of the Grand Master's tower, you can barely see a Knight's Templar Keep in distant Safita. Entrance fees are approx. $6 US. There are souvenirs available outside, and there is a restaurant and shop inside as well. All of the locals are very friendly and are as helpful as possible, though it can sometimes be difficult finding someone that speaks English. I highly recommend traveling in Syria, as it is very inexpensive and the scenery is beautiful. The hardest part is getting to Syria! If you are at all interested in Crusader Castles, this one is a MUST SEE! Don't miss it if you are ever in Syria.
Dave, 16, from Canada, wrote:
This castle was very interesting to do a historical scenario on. As of yet it is still being worked on (should be up and online by Jan 12, 2001). It will be a fictional choose your own path style scenario about how to successfully siege the fortress of the crusaders, but will still have links, and actual facts still on the site. If you have any additional information, please let me know, It would really help, and when the web page is finished, I will repost it's address here. Thanks again, and I can't wait until I am older so I can visit this great place on my own
Edmund King, 10, from UK, Oxford, wrote:
I really loved looking around Krak Des Chevaliers in Syria. I thought it was a remarkable castle and was in very good condition for a castle about 800 years old! I think it would have been one of the greatest stone structures ever built
Pontus Tyrling, 19, Sweden, wrote:
This castle is the mightiest thing iIever saw. A minus is the roads you use to get up there but when you are there it´s worth it. The castle is very big and the halls are huge, with both tracks from the Christian and Muslim period if your ever in Syria go there.
Ursula von Eberback, UK. wrote:
Biggest of the Crusader castles of the kingdom of Outremer, Krak des Chevallier (The cstle of the Knights) was held by the order of St John of Jerusalem (The Hospitallers) all during the 12th CEntury and was one of the last castles to be abandoned to the Turks when the Latin Kingdom fell. Still almost entirely intact, it stands on a high bluff which commands the territory for miles around. Views are spectacular and ther is a real sense of history here, in the vast cavernous halls, the dim passageways sheltering you from the merciless heat of the sun. Almost you can hear the clink of chain mail still echoing down the centuries. If you ever want to really get a feel for the era of the Crusades and get to the Holy Land, this is one place you must visit.

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