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Goncharna Tower
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Goncharna Tower

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Location: Kamianets
Country: Ukraine

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The first defensive structures in Kamianets were built in the areas where the island was most vulnerable: at the narrow isthmus in the west and on thegentle slope of the canyon in the north-west. Built in the 11th-13th cc , these fortifications served as the basic foundation for the Old Castle and the Polish gate complex. Taking the Kamianets-Podilsky fortress as an example , one can trace the history of defensive architecture in Ukraine.

Apart from the main fortifications there was a system of structures made of towers and walls constructed to defend particular sections of the city. They include the Stephan Bathory Tower and the gate in the city's southern outskirts, Turkish bastions and the defensive walls . In the east and south-east there is a chain of towers- Potter, Slyusarska, Kushnirska united by a rampart while in the south-west there are high defensive walls skirting the Armenian quarters on a long terrace . To counter a threat , a number of non-secular and civil structures could be transformed into defenses.
The Potter Tower was the main fortification of the east part of the city. It was built in 1583 by Kamianets potters( they lived in this part of the town) The tower was reconstructed in 1669- at that time it had 5 stories and a high roof with a watch (after the WW2 the tower was rebuilt in 1960-1961 in the forms of the 17th c )It's interesting to know that the highest raw of the gun-slots are cut from outside: it was made for lead bullets to ricoushette. It's the only example of such gun-slots in Ukraine Sometimes the tower is also called Durer tower because that type of gun-slots was invented by this famous German artist.
What one can see near the tower is the 19th c synagogue. What an irony of Soviet life-after the WW2 there was a popular restaurant“ The Old Castle there , and now it's a night-club” The Fort-post“.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap

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