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Halych Castle
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Halych Castle

Basic Info

Name: Halych
Country: Ukraine

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These ruins are located in Ivano-Frankovsk region , in small and ancient town of Halych .This town was the capital of Halych Rus in 11th-13th cc. Thecastle stands on a steep mountain over the Dnister river. It is triangular with 5 towers and 3 gates. There are many dungeons and cellars in the ruins. The history of this fortress is a long history of destroys and reconstructions.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap.

Visitor Accounts

Zofia Z., from Poland, wrote:
Sorry for saying that, but the castle in Halych is completely disappointing. I've been there in June. The ruins look much less picturesque than on the photo. Just a few falling down walls, plus one brick wall built very recently. There are two interesting things in the town: the first one is a view from the ruins towards a medieval (but much renovated) Orthodox church, which stands a few km from Halych, and the second one - name of the town itself. Not earlier than I came there I noticed, that Galicia - the region name widely used in Polish - derives itself from Halytch (through Latin and German orthography).

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