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Basic Info

Name: Letychiv
Location: Khmelnytsky region
Country: Ukraine

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This castle is in Khmelnytsky region, not far from Medzhybizh , in the town of Letychiv. The town itself stands on the bank of a huge lake .The remnants of the castle and a monastery are in the centre of this small town. The castle was built on the place of a wooden one in the 16th c. and a church appeared at the same time.The church was on fire for many times and was rebuild in 1724.The castle was not very strong. Only one of four towers and walls are preserved until now. The monument near the tower is Ustym Karmaluk, our Ukrainian Robin Hood. He lived in the first half of the 19th c , robbed the rich and gave their gold to the poor. he was caught for many times, 2 times he was prisoned in Kamianets-Podilsky castle , but he always escaped.But one time the police caught him and killed in Letychiv. His grave in the town cemetery is another Letychiv's attraction.

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