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Olesko Castle
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Olesko Castle

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Name: Olesko
Country: Ukraine

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Now about Olesko. The castle stands on the top of 50m hill. The plan of the castle is oval. One can see the wall and a moat under it. There is a swamp around the castle's hill. In the inner yard one can see a well 42 m deep The first mention of it one can find in the document of 1327 when the pope Bonifacio lX gave Halych Catholic bishop this castle as a gift. Olesko laid on the border of Volyn and Lviv land and often changed its hosts. It was the fief of Polish, Lithuanian and Hungarian magnats and kings.In 1431 the castle became the centre of fighting for re-union with Volyn. The castle was many times destroyed by Tartars In the second part of the 15th c the castle lost its defendant meaning and became the fief ofRadzivill family. In 1605 the castle and a town again change the host-this area was bought by magnate Ivan Danylovych, then-by Princes Sobiesky and Rzewusky( the same host that in Pidgirtsy castle ) Their carefree style of living made nothing good for the castle-it was sold to pay magnates' debt and the collection of antiques moved to Pidgirtsy castle. In 16th-17th cc. the castle was rebuilt, its halls were decorated with paintings and mosaics ( the carving was made by French sculptor B. Leblan). After the earthquake in 1838 the castle was partly destroyed. In 1882 the castle's host was Halycia architectural society which closed it for long years In 1892 a restoration was made .Two wars destroyed the castle very much And-if all these disasters were not enough- the lightning struck in it in 1956.The restoration was held in 1961-1985. There is a museum there now.The rich collection of ancient furniture and paintings is on display. .Other places of interest near the castle is the town's cementary with nice ancient monuments made by Shimzer and Gothic church( 15th c).

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap

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