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Basic Info

Name: Uzhgorod
Location: Centre of Zacarpatska region
Country: Western Ukraine

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One more castle in the Carpathian. This one stands on the high hill( up to 30 m. )over the Uzh river in the centre of Zacarpatska region, the city of Uzhgorod. The explorers of the castle have found that the stone basement of it dates back to 13th c. The stronghold was erected on the place of the Kyiv Rus wooden fortress. The castle resemble a lot many west-European castles. It consists of 5 bastion sand walls made of andesith. The north-west side of the castle is defended by steep slope with many trees on it. The entrance to the stronghold lies through the ground floor of the entrance gate in the south-east wall. There was a bridge over the deep ditch earlier. The main building of the Uzhgorod castle is a3-storeys palace with a dungeon and an inner yard. The palace has turrets which used for defense. There is a 35-m. deep well in the inner yard of the palace. The building itself is the nice example of Renaissance Ukrainian architecture. The castle lost its strategically meaning in the second part of the 18th c. ,later it was rebuilt several times and what we can see today is the fortress of 16th c. The castle was restored in 1968, now it's a history museum.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap.

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