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Basic Info

Name: Boldt Castle
Location: On an island in the St Lawrence River
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

Paul Malo, 71, from New York State, wrote:
Boldt Castle is actually one of four important structures open to the public, including two smaller stone “castles” and a gigantic, towered yacht house. About 14.5 million dollars have been spent on recent renovations. The main Castle would have been one of the largest houses in America had it been completed. The reason for abandonment of the project when almost finished has been debated for nearly a century. The 320-page book, “Boldt Castle: In Search of the Lost Story” (July, 2001) provides startling new information about the popular mystery.
Roger S. Lucas, 61, from New York State, wrote:
I am the author of the book “Boldt Castle - Heart Island” which opened to the public in 1918. Over 220,000 people visit this landmark attraction from mid-May to mid October each year.If you would be interested in carrying my book for your patrons, I'd be happy to hear from you. I like your site and am sure I will visit it more. Thank you. Roger S. Lucas
Ron Brown, 5, from Ontario, Canada, wrote:
This castle straddles the Canada US border and is a large castle built as a summer home on an island in the St Lawrence River. It is made of stone, with the usual towers and turrest that most castles display. The boat house, located on a separate island, is every bit as spectacular. It is currently undergoing restoration and is accessible by tour boats from Gananoque Ontario. I would also note that my book on Castles in Ontario, to be titled “Castles and Their Kings”, will be released in May of 2001.

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