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Glamorgan Castle
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Glamorgan Castle

Basic Info

Name: Glamorgan
Location: Alliance, Ohio
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

M, 28, from Alliance Ohio, wrote:
Many of us think that all the materials were brought over brick by brick to built the castle. But actually It is made out of Vermont Marble and the material is from Barre, Vermont. The stone was cut, numbered and sent in 96 train carloads to alliance.
Shirley Rosser wrote:
Have you ever heard of the castle in Alliance, Ohio called Glamorgan Castle ??? It has been bought by the Board of Education, but was built and lived in for years by the Morgan family. All materials was brought here from over seas, (don't know that much about it) They work on it all the time to keep it up, and it is above beautiful.

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