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People of the Castle
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People of the Castle

Many different people lived in and around a castle. The lord and lady, of course, were there, but one could also find everybody from knights to cooks in and around the castle grounds.

The most important people, were the Lord, the lady and the Bishop
Other people who lived or worked at the castle.


  • Skilled castles worker who made crossbows.


  • Cared for the cellar and was in charge of wine and beer.


  • Resident owner or person in charge of a castle.


  • Provided spiritual welfare for laborers and the castle garrison. The duties might also include supervising building operations, clerk, and keeping accounts. He also tended to the chapel.


  • Roasted, broiled, and baked food in the fireplaces and ovens


  • A professional soldier.


  • Servants of the lord who carried receipts, letters, and commodities.


  • Attained at the age of 14 while training as a knight. He would be assigned to a knight to carry and care for the weapons and horse.


  • An official at the castle responsible for security.

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