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The Knights
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The Knights

In the Middle Ages, protective clothing for battle and weapons were important.

The Knights were protected with full suits of plate armor, made of metal plates, which were very heavy and difficult to move in. Knights in armor who fell off their horses were unable to run away. The sword was the most important knightly weapon.

The war horse was decorated with a cover and displayed the heraldic arms and was padded for extra protection. He had a shield and a lance.

This foot soldier is wearing protective chain armor made of flexible metal loops. He carries a lance made of wood with a small steel head.

This knight is ready for battle. He has his shield, amour, sword and he is well protected and trained in the battle field.

The castle is guarded by a number of foot soldiers, men with wood shields and short swords.

There are also men ready to fight with longbows and crossbows. This one has his longbow ready.

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